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The service and maintenance of your vehicle is very important and assures you of many years trouble free motoring. A full service history provides 'peace of mind' that the maximum value will be retained in your vehicle.Toyota vehicles require servicing every 15,000 Km or at least once a year, whichever occurs first. Our experienced technicians are up-to-date on the latest technology in your vehicle and they attend yearly courses at Toyota Ireland.

    All Toyota vehicles are serviced using Toyota Genuine Spare Parts. Our workshops are fitted with the latest technology. In addition to servicing we also perform:

    • NCT light Check with report
    • NCT Emissions Check with report
    • NCT Brake Check with report
    • Full electronic 4 wheel alignment equipment with report
    • Air Conditioning Service Equipment, Leak Detection and Repair.
    • Engine Diagnostic testers
    • Tyre fitting and Balancing Equipment

    All our parts and labour are guaranteed for 12 months and all our prices are shown on our Service Menu Price List

    Service Pricelist

    Service Team

    Natalie Molloy
    Contact Number: 053 9143788
    Email Address:
    Job Title: Parts Manager
    Colin Kehoe
    Contact Number: 053 9143788
    Email Address:
    Job Title: Parts Advisor
    John Hyland
    Contact Number: 053 9143788
    Email Address:
    Job Title: Service Manager
    Alison Fortune
    Contact Number: 053 9143788
    Email Address:

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